Untax Shipping

Using TaxJar automatically computes Taxable Subtotal and submits Other Charges as Shipping, which TaxJar determines to be taxable or untaxable.

To allow concurrent use of TaxJar and classic tax calculations in Big Business, Other Charges marked Taxable are automatically recalculated before submission.

If you are using TaxJar exclusively, you can remove Taxable from all Other Charges and leave th

Tax Checkbox

The Tax Checkbox on Quote was not updating consitently. This was a regression bug fixed in 13.17.

Return Key

Big Business 13 fixes a problem typing Return in Comments, which sometimes closes the window.

Window Icon

The Windows Icon no longer displays correctly and is being removed or replaced.

Disable Button

Big Business has hundreds of buttons that enable and disable themselves automatically. All have been updated for ARM.

This is only noteworthy for the small chance that the new behaviour is in any way noticably different than the old. If anything it should be more responsive.

Chapter 95 ARM Optimize

Big Business is getting numerous internal changes to be optimized for new ARM processors for Mac and Windows.