Open Options

Open Options are a group of features for handing data and services outside Big Business. Some are turnkey Options that are ready to use with an Edition like Professional or Enterprise. Others are starting points for customization or tools that may meet a future need.

Open is a new name for the group of tools that reach out to get answers, like a tax rate or a credit card authorization, or push

Open PostgreSQL

Open PostgreSQL lets you customize data-sharing using PostgreSQL: The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database.

Open Database is a toolset for pushing data to its destination using database, like PosgreSQL, where you can script, trigger, or event for real time updates.

Open SQLite

Open SQLite lets you customize data-sharing using SQLite, used in countless setups requiring small and fast, like your iphone or android.

Open Database is a toolset for pushing data to its destination using database, like SQLite, where you can script, trigger, or event for real time updates.

Open Database

Open Database is a toolset that lets you push live data to your solutions, services, or systems that support popular database formats--table, relational, sql, and nosql.

Zip-Tax Connect

Zip-tax Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, Zip-Tax.

This Solution provides details. (7237)

Don't Get/Set/Use

Big Business 13 adds a setting for BigCommerce to ignore Orders but continue to automatically process inventory updates.

Apple Files

Big Business 13 adds new Apple Files options for Drag and Drop.

Open APIs

Big Business 13 extends API options. Big Business 13.21 includes a major update to connectivity. This will enable new connections, especially to services that offer an open API for connecting, testing, and support.

Shopify API

Big Business can report Deprecated Calls for the Shopify API you are currently using. Just click the Report button in Shopify Setup and the Paste the result into an email and we can help you update to a more current API version, if needed.

Chapter 74 Barcodes

Big Business has options for using Barcodes, including:
• Alternate Item Codes for matching preprinted Barcodes like UPC's
• printing Barcodes on built-in forms
• printing Barcodes on Custom Forms


Ecwid Fields

Big Business 12.32 updates Ecwid Fields. Ecwid Connect is an add-on for Big Business that lets it get Customers and Orders automatically or on demand from Ecwid Ecommerce.

Automatic settings are updated. If you have custom Mappings saved, you will need to update them. This Solution provides details. (7176)


Link-Only lets you connect your Items in Big Business to the matching products in your web store. Big Business does this by looking up the Item Code in the Product SKU, for example, and capturing the Product ID. Big Business can then update your online inventory in real time.

This Solution describes this entry. (7171)

Update Availability

Update Availablity lets you update your online inventory in real time. If you have 10 Widgets and sell 2 in your online store, it now thinks you have 8. If you then take a phone order for 5, you need to update the store so it knows there are only 3 left. Big Business can do this for you automatically. (7170)

Upload Items

Click Upload on the Items Search to update Products in your online store.

This tool is restricted by Employee. Once you have Connect enabled for your web store, you must set Allow for each employee.

This Solution provides details. (7168)

BigCommerce II

BigCommerce Connect II extends the connection from Big Business to your BigCommerce store to update Products and Customers, set customer-specific pricing, and more. Fully automatic and fully customizable, it enables powerful functions for wholesale B2B (business-to-business) or retail B2C ecommerce.

This Solution provides details. (7167)

Connecting Remote Client

When you launch Big Business Client it displays any locally available Big Business Server on the Available tab. To connect to a remote Server enter a Name and IP Address on the Custom tab.

This Solution provides instructions for connecting to Big Business Server from a remote Client. (5528)

Customer UoM Count

Customer UoM Count is an option for Part Numbers that helps you manange part numbers for specific customers to include purchase quantities.

This option is designed to work with Units of Measure.

Customer Price

Customer Price is an option for Part Numbers that helps you manange part numbers for specific customers to automate pricing and preset purchase quantities.

Units on Imports

Big Business includes Fields on Imports for Units of Measure:
• UoM Abbrev. - abbreviation for unit of measure
• UoM Count - count for unit of measure
• UoM Qty - quantity for unit of measure
• UoM Price - price for unit of measure

This Solution describes using Units on Imports. (7154)

Web Notify List

Web Notify List shows you the entries you have created for automatic notifications when you click the Web Notify button on the Company card, Company Prefs tab.

Tax Code

Tax Code is a new field on Item card, History tab, used to assign a Code for sales tax lookup. Different systems have different code formats so this is simply a text box.

This Solution provides details. (7129)

TaxJar Categories

TaxJar maintains a list of product categories for items that are exempt or taxed a reduced rates in some jusrisdictions. With this option, you can assign a Code and have it automatically applied. For example, Food & Grocery has the code 40030 and may be exempt from State tax in some states.

This Solution provides details. (7128)

Order References

Order References are extra fields you can import with Orders, namely:
• Ref Order Number
• Ref Order Tax
• Ref Order Total
• Ref Item Tax
• Ref Item Tax Code

These entries are for reference and may or may not be used to replace calculated results. You might use Ref Order Number to have the order number from your web store to put on Notifications.

TaxJar Response

Big Business uses the Response from TaxJar to record tax details and generate reporting with names of States, Counties, Cities, and Special Districts, along with Rates and Amounts.

This Solution provides details. (7126)

Chapter 28 BizApp Connect

BizApp Connect is an Add-On for Big Business Enterprise to connect a custom app for iPad or iPhone. It uses the Web Server in Big Business Server, a custom data format, and FileMaker , which is Apple's database.