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Rosetta 2

Rosetta 2 enables a Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel processor. Big Business 13 needs this. The usual question then is, "Is it fast?"
Rosetta 2

Apple Silicon

Apple is making new Macs with its own processors, referring to the new chips as Apple silicon.

Big Business 13 is supported on Apple silicon and runs in Rosetta 2, which automatically translates Intel apps for new processors like M1.

Rosetta 2

Prorated Protection

Prorated pricing lets you purchase an Upgrade at discount if you have purchased the prior version in the past year. The calculation is simple. If you purchased half a year ago, you get half off Upgrade pricing. If you purchased four months ago, you get two-thirds off. If you purchased less than three months ago and Upgrade is free with Buyer Protection.
Prorated Pricing

Block OS

Big Business now automatically blocks any operating system (OS) that is a problem. This protects you from unplanned system changes that could cause data loss. You can turn this feature Off if needed.


Users First

Users First is a design goal to make Big Business easier for you by making it easier for all users. This is the idea behind Company Prefs that update System Settings for all users and User Prefs where they can then use your System Settings or choose their own. You can also push out changes for users with an Employee Search and using the Update tool to change many at once.

Block OS
Secure Server
Chapter 14 Docs Folder

Chapter 58 Thirteen

This chapter describes Big Business 13.

Chapter 58 Thirteen


MySQL 8 simplifies Password setup.


Merge Customers

Big Business allows you to Delete one customer and have its history Merge Into another's. Just click Delete and then click Merge Into and select the other Customer.

This Solution describes using this option when attempting to Delete a Customer Card. (6012)

Instant On

Instant On is a new feature in Big Business 12. New Networking allows Big Business Client to Sleep. Shut your laptop or allow your computer to sleep and when it wakes on the same network, Big Business Client will resume working right where you left off.

This Solution will provide details. (7076)
(Up) Chapter 19 Networking


Show replaces QuickFind and adds new options for finding related records. (7041)
QuickFind Feature

Unlock Unmark

Mark lets you mark invoices as Sent. The option to mark them as Unsent is hidden. To use Unsent, turn on Unlock Unmark in your Employee card, Access tab.

This Solution provides details. (7050)

Print List

Print List has been changed, requiring that you select the rows you want to Print. This is easy to do with:
• Shift-click to select a range
• Command-A to select all
• Command-click to select, selectively.

This Solution describes using on this feature. (7043)

Channel Changes

Channel features are being improved to automate workflow.

This Solution lists your choices for using Channels. (6818)

Expanded Order

This Solution describes the new Expanded Line Items Tab on Sales Orders. This feature was added in Big Business 2.5, allowing you to see stock levels (Inventory Allocations, Quantity on Hand, etc.) while completing a Sales Order. (3330)

Secure Server

Big Business 12 encrypts all Client connections.

Secure Server is now seamless and set by default.

This Solution describes this option. (7030)

Protect Transactions

Protect Transactions prevent users from modifying or deleting any saved transactions. (7034)

Send Checkbox

Send Checkbox appears in Docs and lets you choose Documents and Notes that are allowed in email. If you don't click Send, the item will not appear in the Send menu.

Emailing Documents and Notes is two steps:
• in Docs click the Send Checkbox to allow a Document or Note to be emailed
• in Print Options use the Send Menu to choose from allowed Documents and Notes

This makes it easy to pick a fe
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing

Batch Emails

Batch Emails are a new and open-ended concept. Here are parts you can use:
Email - choose as a printing destination to automatically create new email messages
Send - Docs as attachments or Notes as the message ("thank you for your order!")

Please email to support@bigbusiness.com with questions or needed changes.

This Solution provides setup instructions. (7023)
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing

Sent Documents

Sent Documents automatically adds the PDFs of emailed transactions to the Docs folder of the transactions.

Pictured is an Order that was emailed. The Order was created from a Quote that was also emailed. Both Sent Email are saved as Notes for reference and can be seen from Quote or Order; just double-click to view.

This Solution provides setup instructions. (7022)
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing


Email is the simple choice for sending Quotes, Order, Invoices by email.

This Solution describes its use. (7019)
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing
Load Addresses

Documents on Lists

Big Business lets you attach any file to a Search window like Customers. This can be a convenient place to store attachments like Policies, Terms and Conditions, and so on that pertain to Customers. Moreover, you can click Send to make any attachment available--to Send (Docs) as email attachments or Send (Notes) as email messages.

This Solution provides an example for use. (7021)
(Up) Chapter 14 Documents


Email is the simple choice for sending Quotes, Order, Invoices by email.

This Solution describes its use. (7019)
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing
Load Addresses
Batch Emails

Enabling Options

Big Business makes new features optional. This lets you turn them on when you are ready. This also lets you turn them off if they are problematic.

This Solution provides a quick list of options you might consider. (7018)
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing

Send Notes

Send is a menu choice in Print Options, Settings, that lets you choose Documents and Notes to automatically include in an email.

When printing choose Email or Send Email to (multiple recipients) and then choose Send to add Text Notes from:
- the transaction, in the Docs folder on Quote, Order, Invoice
- the List, in the Docs folder on Quotes Search, Order Search, Invoice Search
- the Items, in th
(Up) Chapter 17 Emailing

New Networking

Big Business 12 offers New Networking to support:
• 64-bit Clients
• Sleeping Clients
• Secure Server

Big Business 12.12 updates New Networking. Please update Server AND Clients to use these features. Get Info or check Properties on Clients or email support@bigbusiness.com for help.

This Solution provides details. (7015)

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