Chapter 428 Filemaker Go

Many Big Business users rely on FileMaker databases to keep product specifications, to schedule production, and more. But did you know FileMaker builds Apps for iOS?

FileMaker Go runs Apps created for iPhone or iPad. FileMaker Pro creates them. FileMaker Connect lets them connect to your Big Business Server to share data.

  FileMaker Go

If you have an iPhone you can try FileMaker Go 19 to get some ideas for what might work for your company on an iPad, or on an iPhone, in your warehouse, or on the go.

Just go to App Store and search for Claris FileMaker Go 19. This is not Claris Go, but Claris FileMaker Go. Claris, a subsidiary of Apple, also makes Claris Connect.

  FileMaker MyApps

When you start FileMaker Go on iPhone you will see choices for opening Apps that are pre-installed or that you have added. One choice is My Apps in the lower left where you can choose the Location, On My iPhone, and see Apps in a list or buttons.

Tap a pre-installed example like Invoices to see how this works. Without sample data, you would need to create a Customer and a Product before you Create New Invoice. However, the point is to look at the tools that could be arranged to suit your needs.

  FileMaker Invoices

Opening the sample Invoices in FileMaker Go shows a Dashboard, but without data. At the bottom you can see the compass icon for Dashboard and additional icons for Invoices, Customers, and Products.

Tap Products, the package icon, to see the tools available such as Images and Barcodes.

  FileMaker Image

Tap Products, the package icon, in FileMaker Go and choose New Product or Add (+) to show a New Product page with an Image at the top. Tap the Image to see available tools such as Camera for taking a picture or Signature to confirm delivery or approval. These tools can be used anywhere in your workflow to build your own Custom App.

  FileMaker Barcode

Also on New Product, in FileMaker Go, is SKU and next to it the Barcode button. Click the button and scan any barcode that is handy to see how it reads and records.

As part of a solution including your Custom App in FileMaker you might want labels to be printed from Big Business to include Barcodes for scanning items into your App.