Chapter 120 Mac Server Setup

Mac Server is the Big Business Server software that runs on a Mac to connect people, running Big Business Client on their macOS or Windows computers, to your Data File.

Mac Server Admin provides an overview of administration tasks and concepts to help. Setup and operation is intuitive and any needs are covered by unlimited setup support.

This chapter lists the basics to keeping Big Business Server working perfectly for many, many years as you grow from a few to many, many people needing to connect.

  Server App

Big Business Server for Mac is an application you run on a dedicated macOS computer for large installations or a shared computer if you have just a few Big Business Clients.

Mac Server works like any Mac app but has only an Administration Window showing connected Users and some options for automating Backup or performing Maintenance.

Despite being on a Mac, Big Business Server can connect Big Business Clients running on Windows, or macOS, and connecting Windows shipping systems, online stores, etc.

  Mac Server Requirements

Big Business Server for Mac needs a good, fast machine, especially with many Clients.

New Apple Chips, like the M1 have many cores, for many Clients, but need Memory. Go to Apple menu, About This Mac, to get specifics for your prospective computer.

Email questions to to ask about putting Client and Server on the same computer, updating Systems, using new computers, and setup questions.

  Mac Server Install

Mac Server is easily to install. Download Mac Server from
and open the disk image, pictured, and drag the Big Business Server to Applications.

Hold the Option key while starting Big Business Server to select a different Data File, start a new Data File, Restore a backup file, or use Maintenance features to optimize.

Drag Extras or ReadMe from the disk image to your Desktop or Documents as needed.