Big Business CRM

Big Business has key tools for Customer Relationship Management. This page provides a quick rundown to get you started.


Add an Alert to appear whenever the customer is selected. Cancel, Date, Edit, Insert Email, or OK, as needed.


Add any document to the customer to have it saved, shared with other users, and backed up with your data.


Add a screen shot to the customer by clicking an open window where you are viewing data you'd like to capture.


Keep a complete profile for the customer with terms, history, settings and custom fields--all in one place.

Additional Contacts

Add customer locations, ship-to addresses, email recipients, phone numbers, and personnel.

Send Email to...

Choose from customer and contact Email Addresses to send Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Statements.


Keep separate Contacts imported from lead lists, culled and prospected, then click to convert to a Customer.


Add Notes for yourself or send to other users, attaching any Big Business entry or external document.


Send messages using Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, etc. Keep a copy in Big Business for reference.


Keep comments on the customer. Have them automatically copied to new Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

Custom Fields

Use custom fields for customers--including text, employee, and date. Add a Custom Tab with 33 more.


Apply Tags to the customer. And, use the Customers search to find, add, and remove Tags for groups.

Customer Pricing

Offer customer-specific pricing on their favorite items with As Quoted. Include custom Qty Discounts.

Price Levels

Assign a Price Level to the customer. Use five Price Levels to segregate retail, wholesale, distribution.


Use Line Item Discounts by customer, or Qty Pricing across Price Levels, to tailor your pricing.


Click to add a customer contact to your business-to-business web store, so they can buy with their pricing.

Credit Cards

Securely store credit cards and purchase cards for the customer--and click to Authorize.


Enter multiple ship-to's for a customer and select on an order for UPS or FedEx to use--and write back tracking.