Customer Alerts

Big Business includes Alerts for Customers (and Vendors) that display when the Customer is selected.

This Solution describes this feature(5832)

Alerts for Customers and Vendors lets you notify other users of important information pertaining to a particular Customer.

To Add an Alert:
1. On the Customer Card go to Folder Tab
2. Click the Add (+) button in the Folder list
3. For type of Note, choose Alert
The Alert Subject is automatically filled in with the Customer name
4. Enter you message in the Alert Detail
5. Click the OK button to save the Alert
Until the Cancel checkbox is checked, the Alert will appear whenever the Customer is selected (e.g. on a transaction such as an order or to open the Customer Card).

Leave the Editable checkbox checked if you want the viewer of the Alert to be able to add comments. If the Alert is not Editable, it cannot be edited or Canceled when displayed. The Alert is always editable from the Folder tab of the Customer Card.

Click the Cancel checkbox when you no long want the Alert to appear. This turns the Alert off without deleting it. While the Alert is on, its Type is listed in the Folder list as "Alert: ON." Once Canceled, its Type appears as "Alert."