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Folder Connect

Folder Connect is an option for file transfer using FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. Like other Connect options it is an Add-On that connects out to a service that you have access to and requires Registration and credentials to set up. For simple file transfer you can use a service like One Drive or iCloud. Folder Connect give you more control to monitor remote folders and automatically transfer files for i
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Middleware Trial

Middleware is an Add-On to share data seamlessly with Shipping, eCommerce solutions, and more. It lets you select the data to share, gives you full control of access, and offers 100% uptime.

Middleware Trial is the option to run the Add-On in Trial mode for 30 days. It is easy to try UPS, FedEx, USPS connections or try other shipping solutions, databases, and applications that run your eCommerc
Middleware Connection Settings
Items in Middleware
Customers in Middleware
Middleware2 Connection Settings

Microsoft Azure

Big Business Server is a snap to deploy on Microsoft Azure. It takes only a few minutes to create a Virtual Machine with Windows Server and install Big Business Server. The trick is to set up the Networking and then put the Public IP into Big Business Clients you are connecting.

This Solution provides brief instructions. (6921)
aws tutorial

Update Custom Forms

Big Business includes an options for Line Numbers and Sorting on transactions with Line Items like Orders and Invoices.

If you have Custom Forms, they can be automatically updated to support these options.

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Line Numbers
Line Item Prefs

Ebay Orders

Ebay orders coming through BigCommerce are tricky because are handled as Guest. This means they don't have Customer ID that you can use for Customer Code in Big Business.

Ths Solution provides options. (6915)

TaxJar Rates

TaxJar Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, TaxJar. TaxJar Rates captures rate information for reporting.

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TaxJar Fields

TaxJar Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, TaxJar. TaxJar Filelds have been added to extend processing to Line Items.

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TaxJar Reports

TaxJar Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, TaxJar. TaxJar Reports let you Export or Print the data you get from TaxJar--like State, County, and City results--for auditing and reporting.

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Edit Ext Cost

Edit Extended Cost is an option for PO's and Bills that lets you enter the Ext Cost for a line item and have Big Business calculate the Unit Cost.


Big Business uses AppleScript:
• to automatically create Excel spreadsheets
• to automatically attach PDFs to new messages in Mail

Big Business 11.19 fixes AppleScript Support for Excel.

Big Business 10.17 updates AppleScript Support.

This Solution gives a quick overview of AppleScript Support in Big Business. (6692)

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