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Connect Settings

Connect Settings let you set up connections to services like ecommerce, credit card processing, most any API.

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Any API is a toolset to connect to any REST API
• software as a service (SaaS)
• web store

Big Business is already wired to connect to a number of REST API's such as:
• Big Commerce
• Shopify
• Square

These connections are built-in and available with Big Business Enterprise. If you have another service you would like to connect instead, please let us know. Implementing Any API usua

Middleware Delete

Middleware Delete is an essential change. Middleware is not just used to look up Shipping. More and more it is being used to get data to Web Stores, to automate purchasing or billing, and for EDI.

Big Business 11.17 updates Middleware to process Deletes. This change applied to all tables.

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TaxJar Error

TaxJar will respond with an Error if there are any problems with a request.

"No to state" means the Shipping State is blank, or not a recognized two-letter code, on the current transaction.

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TaxJar Setup

TaxJar Setup

TaxJar Setup lets you enter your API Token, Test the connection, and choose Mappings to use for calculating Taxes on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

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Load Addresses
From Addresses

Units Changes

Units features are being updated to automate entering units of measure, quantity pricing, and optimize fulfillment.

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Units Setup
Units on Transactions
Units Prefs

TaxJar Connect

TaxJar Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, TaxJar.

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Load Addresses
TaxJar Setup

Update Products

Update Products is the Mapping for copying Items in Big Business to Products in BigCommerce.

Once set, you can click Upload on the Items Search to instantly create or update Products in BigCommerce.

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BigCommerce Error

BigCommerce Connect lets you connect to BigCommerce from Big Business. This can be automatic, such as getting new Orders real-time. It can also be interactive, such getting Categories to put on an new Item that will be uploaded.

If you encounter errors with one part (Orders are coming in but you cannot select a Category for a new Item), you may need to update the program giving you errors (in t
Square Orders

Woo Connect

Woo Connect automatically connects Big Business to the ecommerce system, WooCommerce.

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