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Show Warehouses

This Solution describes a feature for displaying the quantities for each Warehouse on an Item Card. (5913)

Big Business 10.19 fixes this feature for Auto Zoom.

This feature is part of the Warehouses Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business Server that tracks inventory at multiple Warehouses.
Auto Zoom
Auto Zoom Fixes

Emailing with Gmail

You can use Big Business Mail to send emails directly, without using a desktop email client like Microsoft Outlook or macOS Mail.

This Solution provides setup details. (6709)
Allow Less-Secure Apps

Extras Folder

Big Business 11 adds an Extras folder to the Big Business folder.

This solution details contents and customization options for the new Extras folder. (6701)


Big Business can use SQLite
• to offload Client data
• to read data from other apps

Big Business 10.18 updates SQLite support.

This Solution gives a quick overview of SQLite support in Big Business. (6698)
SQLite Most Deployed


Big Business may use QuickTime:
• to display graphic elements
• to display your Comapany Logo

Big Business 10.17 updates QuickTime Support.

This Solution gives a quick overview of QuickTime Support in Big Business. (6694)

Free Demo

Demo is a version of Big Business that runs on one computer, making it perfect for:
• learning the basics of using Big Business
• training new employees
• testing new features

Big Business 10.17 updates the Demo version to be free.

This Solution gives a quick overview of the Demo version of Big Business. (6693)


Big Business uses AppleScript:
• to automatically create Excel spreadsheets
• to automatically attach PDFs to new messages in Mail

Big Business 10.17 updates AppleScript Support.

This Solution gives a quick overview of AppleScript Support in Big Business. (6692)

Can't Edit Item Codes

Users Settings shows or hides the Settings tab in My Prefs. If you Hide Settings, users will not be able to change Settings themselves.

This Solution describes this setting. (6684)

Inactive Checkbox

The Inactive Checkbox lets you mark records Inactive.

This Solution provides details. (6683)

Assigning Bins

Assigning Bins uses new tools that improve workflow:

• Autocomplete
• Popup
• Scanning

This Solution provides details. (6679)

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