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macOS High Sierra

Big Business 11 is ready for
Big Business 10 is not supported.

We are working hard to get Big Business 11 certifed for macOS High Sierra, which means adapting to deep file system changes and keeping up with security enhancements.


Windows 10 Creators

Big Business 11 is certified for
Big Business 10 is supported.
Big Business 9 is not supported.

Auto Zoom

automatically open windows larger

local + global

Big Business is built bottom-up

Big Business is designed in California, too. Parts come from Santa Clara and San Jose, as well as Berlin, Den Haag, Paris, and Tokyo. Assembled in (your location). Assistance from California.


Inline Filter

Quickly and intuitively narrow your Search results to the records you need.

System Prefs

New features have new Prefs so you control when to adopt new features


select from six sets of icons

It used to be what you see is what you get. Now, with icon sets and features like retina display or auto zoom what's in a screen shot here may be different than what you see when you get down to business.