For Easter

Ready Player One, now in theatres, is the story of an Easter egg.

Big Business includes dozens.

An Easter egg is an "an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus".

For us, an Easter egg is a way to balance flexibility and useability.
It is a bonus feature that didn't make it as a documented feature.

Yesterday we released Big Business 10.26, which adds Auto-Import. Auto-Import automatically imports new Orders found in a folder. Eventually, someone may ask, "Can I set how often it runs?". Yes, just hold Shift when clicking Auto-Import (works for B2B and B2C, too).

Ongoing development is the hallmark of Big Business. Look at any ReadMe to see the changes with each release. Big Business 11 will reveal hidden features and give you control of what you choose to use.

It's 2018,  and Big Business 11 has landed.

High Sierra shipped in September; Windows 10 Fall Creators in October. Big Business 11 is just a tad late but worth the wait.

Big Business 11 is a big leap forward for performance and scalability. You want to save more Docs from other desktop apps, attachments, and more and more scans and snaps. And of course, you need more customers, more items, more kits, more warehouses, more people, all seamlessly connected. Now you have it and easier than before.

New Servers support new servers (real, virtualized, or cloud-hosted) with room to grow and grow. And, as usual with a new version, Big Business 11 is primed for future features and looking for guidance. Next up might be POS, but it really depends on what you need next. So, be sure to let us know.

Manage, to grow.

Combines the tools you need.

Accounting & Inventory (ERP)

Visibility to see where you are going and know what you will need. Double-entry to double-check where you have been.

Customers & Contacts (CRM)

Shipping Addresses, accounts, and details. Phones, Titles, and Emails. Docs, Notes, and Alerts. Printed and Private Comments.

Docs, managed simply (DMS)

Best system for document management? Attach! Drag a PO to an Order. Paste a PDF to a Quote. There for you, or others, instantly.

Email Portable Documents (PDF)

Amazon sends pretty html, but attachable? Send PDFs for pretty printing or, preferably, paperless.

“go to eleven”


“say, high”


“I spend a lot of time reading”


With over 20 years of experience, we know that change is the one constant.