Big Business

  automate your sales, inventory, and accounting

  connect your business applications and services

  keep your business data and docs at your fingertips

Big Business is sales, inventory, and accounting software that you buy1 to grow your business. You pay for the number of people using it2 and put Client software on their computers3. Then, put the Server software in your back-office for wicked-fast or in the cloud for widely-available.

We do the setup, however you say, or help you all the way.
All your business data and docs are managed together.
Your people are happy and productive. They multiply.

1–you buy a perpetual license that you could use forever, except that computers perpetually change
2–you pay for concurrent users, the number of people using it at the same time, even if some aren't really working
3–computers are real computers: all of your current Windows PCs or macOS Macs with keyboards, intel processors, etc.
–own your data  –love your team  –scale your business

  Take a picture. It will last longer.

Paying an online invoice is easy. That's the whole point. Keeping a copy for your records could be easier, though.

And now it is. Take a picture.

Big Business gives you a couple of easy ways. On a Mac, click the camera icon, then click a browser window to capture. On Windows, type Alt-PrintScreen to grab a window, then click the Paste button in Big Business Docs.

Forget filing (except taxes) and put Docs where they go—which is where you would want to find them when needed.

When you receive a PDF of a PO, do you want to file in the XYZ directory? Or save it in Big Business with your Order?

The warehouse can then find the PO on the order (on their own, so-called computer). And, accounting can find it on the invoice. And easily email it as needed.

Yes, you can choose your accounting Categories, or sales Departments, or inventory Warehouses on the fly. But, why?

Presets make your accounting and inventory as fast and easy as putting items on orders (keeping the detail your cpa loves).

And, Big Business can set Presets for new customers, items, and preferences to make choices for Terms, or Pricing, or Shipping, fast and accurate, every time.

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