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MySQL 5.7

MySQL 5.7.11 fixes compatibility with Mac OS X allowing it to autostart. When Yosemite was released MySQL would not autostart, requiring you to click the start button in System Prefs if the computer was rebooted.

Big Business 10.3 includes a fix for compatibility with MySQL 5.7.8 and higher. Changes to Date formatting in MySQL can block earlier versions of Big Business from making some updates.

Search Fixes

Big Business 10 adds new Searches. This a big feature change, which you can turn On or Off in Search Prefs or toggle by holding Option/Alt while opening the Search. Fixed issues include:
• Sorting by Status, Date, or Number using multiple Sort Columns
• Removing Phone # 1
• Sorting by text numbers
• Category Code blank
• Search Refresh

This Solution details Search fixes. (6598)

Sheet Windows

Big Business 10.6 uses Sheet Windows for dialogs on the Mac when Auto Zoom is turned on. On Microsoft Windows a resizable windows is used.

This Solution describes this feature. (6607)
Auto Zoom

Refund Fixes

Big Business 10.6 fixes a regression bug that changes for Refunds can cause blank columns for Date and Invoice # on a Payment.

Big Business 10.22 fixes the pulldown to show Refund where Payment or Prepayment are shown.

The problem can also be fixed by turning On the Refund tool. This Solution explains how. (6607, 30123)
Refund Features

Auto Zoom Fixes

Big Business 10.6 adds Auto Zoom for testing and with it various bugs for displaying and scolling. :)

This Solution details Auto Zoom fixes. (6610)
Auto Zoom

MySQL 5.7 for Windows

MySQL 5.7 updates installers for Windows and some of the syntax for typical changes needed to share data from your Big Buisness Server to shipping workstations running UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and so on.

This Solution provides details. (6655)

Search Startup

Big Business 11.4 fixes a problem with Search Startup for Customer Search on Refunds and Customer Reports.

This Solution provides details. (6758)

Not Optimized

Not Optimized is a new warning in macOS High Sierra. Apple is telling us that in the macOS after macOS, this app may not run because only 64-bit apps may be allowed.

Optimized, 64-bit versions of Big Business are being tested. This Solution provides details. (6775)
32-bit app compatibility with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

AWS Setup

Big Business Server 11 is easy to deploy on Amazon Web Services. You can do proof-of-concept on a free trial (t2.micro with 1gb) or go straight to a usable amount of memory (t2.large with 8gb or better). You must allow access to aws (security group) and to windows (advanced firewall) for Ports 19812 - 19814 before you can connect remotely.

This Solution provides details. (6779)
aws tutorial


Any API is our initiative to offer free connectivity to any api, such as any:
• software as a service (SaaS)
• web store

Big Business is already wired to connect to a number of REST API's such as:
• Big Commerce
• Shopify
• Square

These connections are built-in and available with Big Business Enterprise. If you have another service you would like to connect instead, please let us kn

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