Big Business API: Contact Info

Big Business API is an Application Programming Interface that lets you read and write, update and insert, and add or delete data from Big Business using an available connection such as Middleware (MySQL), ODBC, SQL, or Web (HTTP or HTTPS).

Contact Info is a structure for sending information about Contacts and Customers.

This Solution provides details for Contact Info. (7560)

UUID - Universal Unique ID, automatically assigned

fUID - Big Business UID, if needed for finding Contact or Customer to update

Action - Big Business Action (updatecust), as needed

Listing, Company Name, Code, Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Title, Billing Name, Billing Address 1, Billing Address 2, Billing City, Billing State, Billing Zip, Billing Country, Phone 1, Phone 2, Email, Comment, User-Defined Date

Big Business 13.71 adds Price Level for updating from Trade Show iPad.

Big Business 13.63 adds Phone 3, Phone 4 for additional information in BizApp Orders.


  Chapter 29 Big Business API

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