Advanced Listboxes

Advanced Listboxes is a toggle on the Company card to test new Listbox forms, like:
About Big Business, Bank Reconciliation, Bank Deposit, Beginning Balances, Contact Card, Customer Card, Customer Prefs, Finance Charges, Item Card, Item Prefs, Master Tags, Memorized, Other Addresses, Reports, Select Accounts, Select Checks, Select Methods, Select Payments, Select Refunds, Select Warehouses, Vendor Card, Vendor Prefs, Vendor Schedule.

This lets you use new windows, created for Big Business 14, within Big Business 13. For example, Deposit which lists receipts in static columns is replaced with a Deposit with Listbox, where you can move and resize columns of deposit items.

Big Business 13.65 and 14.22 fix the Item Card which was missing its History Listbox.


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