Live Inventory

Live Inventory is the goal of keeping your online store's inventory up-to-the-minute. When your favorite customer calls up and buys the last of your Swedish Fish, you want your web store to stop selling this item until you can replenish. This is done by setting the Product Stock Level on your store to your Available Qty, now zero (0).

This Solution describes how Big Business automates this task, to give you Live Inventory. [7325, bigcommerce, ecwid, shopify, woocommerce]

Live Inventory keeps your online store's inventory up-to-the-minute.

Big Business Connect options let you purchase a connection to your favorite web store that automates the task of bringing new Customers and new Orders into Big Business.

Big Business Connect II options let you extend your connection to your favorite web store to automatically update information on the store, such as Pricing and Availability.

With Connect options the goal is fully automated, fully customizable, fully controllable. Here are the basic steps for enabling Live Inventory.

1. Access. You need to authorize Big Business to connect to your web store. This is usually a few clicks in your store, to create Keys, and copy them into Big Business. Step-by-step instructions are emailed with your Registration for Big Business Connect.

2. Link. Choose Settings for Big Business Connect--which Orders to import, or not, and what to Update. Then, go to Items, Find the ones you want to link, and click Upload. Big Business will save the ID from your store and use this for automated updates.

3. Automate. Choose an Employee for Send Notifications To and click Auto Import.

That's it. Your inventory is now live, and your store knows what it can sell.


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