Outlook.com Setup

Outlook.com provides multiple options for sending email. One is to use your Outlook.com account with an email client, like Microsoft Outlook, and let Big Business send using your email client.

This solution describes sending from Outlook.com directly from Big Business.
Sending with Outlook.com you can use your regular Password, or with Two-step Verification use an App Password. (7219)

You can send email with Outlook.com without an email program. Just add Outlook.com to your Send From list.

To Add Outlook.com to your Send From list:
1. in Send From choose Show List
2. click Add
3. click Outlook.com
4. enter your Email Address twice
5. enter your Password for Outlook.com
6. click Test to test, then OK to save

If you use Two-Step Verification, get an App Password from Outlook.com:
1. go to Outlook.com to your Account Settings
2. go to Security, Advanced Security Options
3. under App Passwords click Create A New App Password
If you don't see this option, you may need to turn on Two-Step Verification
4. copy the Password displayed


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