Aol. Setup

Aol. is a longtime provider of freemium email. We've had thousands of freemium users of Big Business sign up with their AOL address. If you want to send from your Aol. account when you are emailing from Big Business, here's how.

Just Add Aol. to your Send From list using an App Password you create at
This Solution provides step-by-step instructions. (7216)

You can send email with Aol. without an email program. Just add Aol. to your Send From list.

To Add Aol. to your Send From list:
1. in Send From choose Show List
2. click Add
3. click Aol.
4. enter your Email Address twice
5. enter an App Password from
6. click Test to test, then OK to save

To get an App Password from
1. go to and sign in.
2. go to Profile, Account Security
3. click Manage App Passwords
4. choose Other App and type a name (bigbusiness1)
5. click Generate
6. copy the Password displayed


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