ShipStation BatchOrder

To connect ShipStation to Big Business you need to set up the Shipping Connect add-on (or let us do this for you) and in the ShipStation ODBC Client configure a Store to use Custom Queries including BatchOrder.sql with contents below.

This Solution provides example of file contents. (7083)

SONo as OrderId,
ModMyTimeStamp as OrderDate,
ShipName as RecipientFullName,
ShipAddr1 as RecipientAddress1,
ShipCity as RecipientCity,
ShipSt as RecipientState,
ShipZip as RecipientZip,
ShipCtry as RecipientCountry

FROM `SO` WHERE `ModMyTimeStamp` >= '{MinDateYear}-{MinDateMonth}-{MinDateDay}'
AND `ShipCtry` = 'US';