Show replaces QuickFind and adds new options. (7041)

Show should appear on all transactions and

QuickFind is a new feature for Big Business 4, which helps you quickly find related entries. Hold the mouse down on the QuickFind icon (pictured) and a pop-up list appears.

Customer Card:
• All Quotes
• Open Orders
• All Orders
• Attached Notes
• Items Purchased
• All Purchases
• Last Purchases

Customer Search:
• Contacts

Vendor Card:
• On Hold POs
• Open POs
• All POs
• Attached Notes
• Items Purchased

Item Card:
• Inventory Warehouses
• All Quotes
• Open Sales Orders
• Opens Sales Oreder Line Items
• All Sales Orders
• Open Purchase Orders
• Open PO Line Items
• All Purchase Orders
• Attached Notes
• Built Items
• Component Items

Make A Payment
• Reconciliation
• Bills Paid

Receive Money
• Customer
• Deposit
• Invoices Paid

If there are additional QuickFind entries you think would be useful, please send an email to


QuickFind Feature