Las Vegas

To demonstrate remote connections we set up a Mac Mini in Las Vegas. You are invited to connect to the Demo File.

Ths Solution tells how. (7003)

Here are steps to connect:

1. Get Big Business Client 12, install, and run.

2. On the Connect dialog go to Custom and enter Vegas (for name) and (for address).

3. Give it a minute to connect and download the first time.

If this takes more than a minute, try a faster connection.

-----email any questions or concerns to


• Use the new Windows Client or Mac Client. Server uses Encryption and may be too slow on Old Client options.

• Use a fast connection. Visit to see if you have a sub-30ms ping time and throughput of 10 Mbps or better

• Sign In as Administrator or any person in the dropdown with NO Password.


Get Big Business Client 12
Connecting to Remote Server