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Big Business lets you immediately use the TaxJar Connect add-on for getting taxes for New States, where you have a new need to file, without disrupting your existing Tax Statuses for your old states. Also, if you are using TaxJar Connect, you can add new New States readily.

This Solution describes using this option. (6999)

Once you have completed Registration and Settings for TaxJar Connect, it will automatically fill in the Tax for the New States you add as follows:

1. Go to your TaxJar Dashboard and add the New State as one where collect tax.

2. Go to Show List in the Sales Tax pulldown in Big Business to Add (+) a new entry.

3. Set the Name (California), Account Code (2300-Sales Tax Payable), Use TaxJar (X), and State (CA).

That's it. When you save a Quote, Order, or Invoice for this state (CA) it will automatcially switch to the matching Tax Status (State=CA), and the Use TaxJar (X) will trigger the lookup and automatically fill in the Tax.


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