Send Documents

Send is a menu choice in Print Options, Settings, that lets you choose Documents and Notes to automatically include in an email.

When printing choose Email or Send Email to (multiple recipients) and then choose Send to add Documents from:
- the transaction, in the Docs folder on Quote, Order, Invoice
- the List, in the Docs folder on Quotes Search, Order Search, Invoice Search
- the Items, in the Docs folder on the Item cards for items on Quote, Order, Invoice

Big Business will create a new message in your email program and automatically attach a PDF of the transaction along with all the documents you chose with Send.

This Solution provides details. (6998)

Enable Send Attachment:
1. Go to the Company Card to the Advanced tab.
2. Click the checkbox for Enable Send Attachments.
3. Click OK to save changes.
You must restart Big Business Clients for this change to take effect.


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