Send Attachments

Send Attachments puts a Send Checkbox in Docs, to choose Documents and Notes that are allowed in email, and a Send Menu in Print Options for selecting which to send.

Emailing Documents and Notes is two steps:
• in Docs click the Send Checkbox to allow a Document or Note to be emailed
• in Print Options use the Send Menu to choose from allowed Documents and Notes

This makes it easy to pick a few Documents, like glossy-photo or product-pdf, and have them appear in the Send Menu when emailing a quote, order, invoice for the item.

This Solution provides instructions. (6927)

To enable Send Attachments:
1. Go to the Company Card to the Advanced tab.
2. Click the checkbox for Enable Send Attachments.
3. Click OK to save changes.
You must restart Big Business Clients for this change to take effect.


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