Any API is a toolset to connect to any REST API
• software as a service (SaaS)
• web store

Big Business is already wired to connect to a number of REST API's such as:
• Big Commerce
• Shopify
• Square

These connections are built-in and available with Big Business Enterprise. If you have another service you would like to connect instead, please let us know. Implementing Any API usually takes us four weeks.

This Solution provides details. (6851)

Any API is a toolset to connect to another system you use that supports a REST API. This might be CRM that you use for leads for your business and need to pull in as Customers when ready. Or it might be an online store that you need to get Customers and Orders from.

Our "REST for the rest" approach makes this simple. REST is a industry standard of sending formatted files as secure documents. This usually requires some coding to "format". Usually, this turns out to be a lot of coding.

Instead we use our familiar Import mapping, where you match what you want (web_store/qty_ordered) with where you want it (Big Business Order Qty). Easy-peasy.

Then, choose whether you want to click a button each time you want to run a batch, or click a checkbox to set to run automatically. That's it. Your Orders, or whatever you want to send or receive is automatically sent or received, perfectly each time.