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Big Business Server is easy to deploy on Amazon Web Services. You can do proof-of-concept on a free trial (t2.micro with 1gb) or go straight to a usable amount of memory (t2.large with 8gb or better). You must allow access to aws (security group) and to windows (advanced firewall) for Ports 19812 - 19814 before you can connect remotely.

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Big Business Server is easy to deploy on Amazon Web Services.

Follow the aws tutorial (below) to create an instance of Windows Server 2012 R2 Base. For full speed choose a larger instance like t2.large for more memory.

Click on the Security Group (launch-wizard-1) and go Actions, Edit inbound rules, to add the port range 19812-19814.

Then in Windows, click Start button and type "firewall" to get to Windows Advanced Firewall and also for Inbound Rules create a New Rule for Ports 19812 - 19814.

To download and install Big Business Server 11 you may want to Add as a trusted site for Internet Explorer.

And last to connect remotely, start Big Business Client and on the Custom tab enter any name ("aws") and the IP listed for your instance (different than "internal" adddress shown on Big Business Server Admin window). Remember if you are using t2.micro for free testing it will never get much data cached, where a larger instance will have memory to load data as it is used for instant recall.


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