Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory updates inventory. By looking more closely at transactions, Smart Inventory is able to correctly interpret anomalies such as having switched an Item from Inventoried to non-Inventoried, or vice versa.

Big Business 11.16 allows changing the Inventoried checkbox when Smart Inventory is on. Earlier versions require setting the Item to Obsolete, first.

This Solution provides details (6764).

Smart Inventory supports switching Items from non-Inventoried to Inventoried, or vice-versa. The Inventoried checkbox on the Item card tells Big Business to use inventory accounting for the item, and to count the item. Switching an Item can give unexpected results, which Smart Inventory automatically handles.

To turn on Smart Inventory:
1. Go to the Company card to the Advanced tab.
2. Click the checkbox for Enable Smart Inventory.
3. Click OK to save changes.
You must restart Big Business for this change to take effect.


Marking Items Obsolete