Limit Payment

Limit Payments is a custom feature, added for a distributor who sells through Amazon, to limit the number of Invoices displayed on a Payment. To use this feature, hold the Shift key while choosing the Customer. If you type Shift-Tab, to go to the Date field after entering Payment Received From, the Limit request may appear accidentally.

This Solution describes this feature. (6681)

To use Limit Payment:
1. Create a new Payment
2. Put a customer in Payment Received From
3. Hold the Shift key while:
• clicking to choose the customer
• clicking to move to another field
• typing Tab or Enter
4. Enter the number of invoices to display and click OK

This will display a Request dialog where you can enter a Limit for the number of invoices to display. The default is 500. Click OK to use the Limit or click Cancel to show all invoices for the selected customer.