Docs Features

Big Business 10 adds the Docs tool. Docs Prefs let turn on the Docs tool.

Big Business 10.11 adds Drag and Drop for the Docs tool and Docs window.

Big Business 10.15 adds Paste to the Docs window.

This Solution provides details. (6646)

Big Business 10 adds the Docs tool for all transactions. Docs Prefs let you choose how to use the Docs tool.

To use the Docs tool:
1. Click the Docs button on a transaction's toolbar
2. Double-click to open a Document
3. Click Add (+) to add a Document
4. Click OK to save new Documents
5. Click OK to save the transaction with new Documents (or Cancel to discard)

Drag and Drop:
• Drag and Drop onto the Docs button
• Drag and Drop into the Docs window
• Drag multiple files from your Desktop or other application


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