Shopify Settings

To connect Big Business needs an API Key and Password from Shopify. These are generated in the "Manage private app" setup described previously and copied into Shopify Settings in Big Business.

This Solution tells you how to enter private app credentials from Shopify into Big Business. (6632)

To Connect to Shopify:

1. Go to the System toolbar, to the Company card, and click the Company Prefs tab.
2. Click the Shopify button and the Shopify settings, pictured, will open.
3. Enter a Description, like store-name
4. Enter your Admin URL, like
- include https with the ess at the end for secure
- include admin and slash at the end
- do not include key shown in format examples
5. Enter API key, copied from Private app settings.
6. Enter Password, copied from Private app settings.
7. Click Test button in the upper right to test the connection.
8. Click OK to Save settings and then click OK to Save the Company Card.


Shopify Order Number


Shopify API Crendentials