Shopify Registering

This Solution describes Registering Shopify Connect. (6630)

To Register Shopify Connect:

1. Go to System toolbar, Company card, and click Upgrade.
2. Click Shopify to open the Registration dialog.
3. Enter your Registration code.
4. Click Continue.
5. Click OK on the Confirmation dialog.
6. Click OK to Save the Company card.
7. Quit and restart Big Business Client.

To register you will need a code from This lets us check for conflicts and send the right instructions before you turn on.

For the Demo File the Registration code is 2209. This works with the 1-User download that automatically opens the Jillian Jellybeans demo.

Please request a Trial code if you would like to test with your own Data File. Or, if you purchase Enterprise Edition, let us know when you are ready to go and we will send a permanent Registration code along with tailored setup instructions.


Shopify Setup