Tool Names

Big Business 10 is updating Tool Names for simplicity and clarity. For example:
• Customer Search is now Customers
• Receive Money is now Payment
• Make A Payment is now Pay
• Requisition is now Request
• Bookkeeper is now Accounting
• InfoCenter is split into Contacts and Reporting

This Solution provides brief explanations. (6571)

Big Business Tools are evolving. Here are some brief explanations.

Searches are being renamed. Customer Search is now simply Customers and becoming a better tool for working with Customers. Updates will include improvements for:
• Actions - done, email, import, new, and print
• Custom Columns - add, export, filter, move, remove, resize, and sort

Tool Names are being simplified. Receive Money is now simply Payment. Updates will address consistency for documentation, exports, histories, imports, and tabs.

Toolbars are being simplified. Bookkeeper and Categories have been combined into Accounting. InfoCenter has split into Contacts and Reporting. Notes have been combined with Contacts. Updates will improve consistency.