PO Import

The Import for Purchase Order Line Items creates Vendor POs with Items from a Tab-Text import file listing each Item.

Like other Imports, it can use a Default Vendor or Default Item to complete POs and and allow the import to complete when there is incomplete data.

This Solution describes its use. (6285)

To Import Purchase Order Line Items:
1. Create a Vendor Card whose name begins with "Default".
2. Create an Item Card which is Bought and whose Code begins with "Default".
3. Create a tab-delimited text file to import.
For a sample, use the PO Search, Export, and say Yes to include Line Item Detail.
4. From the Maintenance toolbar, select the Import tool.
5. Open your import file and choose to import as, "Purchase Order Line Items."
6. At the minimum, you need to import the following fields:
Vendor Name - to find a Vendor (or Default) and load addresses, etc.
Item Code - to find an Item (or Default) and enter Descriptions, Cost, etc.
Quantity - to enter the Qty
Any additional fields overwrite automatic entries. Importing a Cost, for example, will overwrite the Cost loaded from an Item Card.
7. Click Don't Import Header if your import file includes a header (column names).
8. Click the OK button to proceed with the import.

The PO Search will open and display any POs that were successfully created.


Rules for Line Item Imports