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Big Business 9 updates Listing Scrolling to aim for the middle. Before, when a Listing like Customers or Items appeared the selected entry might be at the very top or bottom so you couldn't see other choices immediately. Now it should put the selected entry in the middle so you can see entries above and below without scrolling.

Big Business 9.9 fixes Listings which could scroll unpredictably with changes to User Font.

This Solution provides details for Listing Scrolling for speedy data entry and ease of use. (6557)

Listings provide fast and easy selection of Customers or Items when filling in entries like Quotes or Orders. Here are some key features:

• open when type a partial entry and Tab
• do not open when when you type an entry that finds only one match
• open to the column you entered
• scroll to display the selected item in the middle
• select the nearest match to what you typed
• select a new entry when you type, using Type Ahead
• select a new entry when you type Up Arrow Key or Down Arrow Key
• use the selected entry when you type Return or Enter
• cancel when you type Esc or Command-Period

In the pictured example, "g" was typed in Description and then Tab. The Listing appears sorted by Description (the column header is underlined), the first "G" is highlighted and appear in the middle, and without using the mouse the user can type:

• "grape" to select Grape
• Down Arrow to select Grape
• Return to use the selected Item
• Tab to Sort by the next column and use it for Type Ahead
• Shift-Tab to Sort by the previous column and use it for Type Ahead


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