Currencies Exchange Rates

Big Business 9.8 adds Exchange Rates for exporting and reporting in a foreign currency.
This extends the Multi-Currency Add-On to provide a convenient way to report results in another currency.

This Solution describes using these features. (6534)

Multi-Currency features add the Exchange Rates tool to the Bookkeeper toolbar. The Exchange Rates tool lets you Add, Find, and Export entries for Exchange Rates for past dates. The Import tool on the Maintenance toolbar adds the Exchange Rate Import.

Dated Exchange Rates are used to convert Exports of the following:
• Posting Search - on the Bookkeeper toolbar
• General Ledger (Detail) - in Reports, Bookkeeper
• General Ledger Activity (Detail) - in Reports, Bookkeeper
• Balance Sheet - in Reports, Bookkeeper
• Balance Sheet, Omit Zeroes - in Reports, Bookkeeper
• Items on Bills, Sorted By Vendor (Detail) - in Reports, Vendor

Exchange Rates use direct quotations. The price of a unit of foreign currency is expressed in terms of the domestic currency. If Big Business is using US Dollars and you want to enter an Exchange Rate for British Pounds, it is entered as the price of one Pound in Dollars (about $1.54 in the picture) and can include up to five decimal places.


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