Unreconciled Items

The Unreconciled Items Reports shows you unreconciled items--checks, deposits, transfers--for the Bank Account and Date Range you choose. For comparison it shows the General Ledger Ending Balance--as of the end date--and the Reconciliation Balance--from the last Reconcilation in the date range.

This Solution describes this report. (6502)

To run Unreconciled Items from Reports, to Print or Export:
1. Go to Reports, to Banking, and click once to select Unreconciled Items
2. Click Print or Export
3. Choose the Bank Account and enter an Ending Date
The Beginning Date can be left blank.

To run Unreconciled Items from a Bank Account, to Print:
1. Go to the Banking toolbar, to the Bank Acct. tool and select an account to open.
2. Click Print and select Unreconciled Items.
3. Enter an Ending Date.
The Beginning Date can be left blank.

The Unreconciled Items Report includes:
• G/L Ending Balance - the account balance that appears on a Balance Sheet for the Ending Date
• Reconciliation Balance - the Ending Balance from the last Reconciliation on or before the Ending Date.
• Unreconciled Items - items that were not Reconciled as of the Ending Date. The Reconciled column shows if the item has now been reconciled.
• Totals - which should agree to G/L Ending Balance if there are no spurious entries.