Changing Customer Default Financial Categories

Changing Customer Default Financial Categories (6478)

You can click the Bookkeeping tab in the Customer Preferences window to set the default financial categories used for customer transactions. These default categories can also be set in the Category Preferences window.
• The Sales Tax Collected Category field applies to sales tax amounts on invoices.
• The Discounts Allowed Category applies to discounts. If a customer receives a discount for payment within a certain time period, this category is applied to the discount amount.
• The Finance Charge Category field applies to finance charges accrued by customers. For example, if a customer has an unpaid balance and a finance charge is assessed against this balance, this category is applied to the finance charge.
• The Other Charges Label field specifies the name of the field that appears near the Total field on quotes, sales orders, and invoices. The label entered here also applies to the field immediately to the right, where you specify the financial category that applies to amounts in the Other Charges field. The Other Charges field is often used for shipping charges, but you can use it for other purposes.
• The Other Charges Category applies to amounts entered into the Other Charges field of invoices. The label of the Other Charges Category field reflects what you enter in the Other Charges Label field, immediately to the left.
• The Default Income Category applies to sales made to customers. You can change this category for individual customers.
• The Default Minimum Finance Charge field lets you specify the default minimum finance charge amount.