Setting Other Customer Preferences

Setting Other Customer Preferences (6477)

You can change a number of other options:
• The Default Credit Limit field sets the credit limit applied by default to new customers. You can change the credit limit for individual customers.
• The Quotes Expire In field sets the default time period in days for which quotes are valid. You can change the expiration date for individual quotes.
• The Default Customer Type field sets the customer type that is applied by default to new customers. You can choose from and change a list of possible customer types. The customer type can be changed for individual customers. (Keep in mind that the customer type and price level are set independently.)
• The Default Shipping Method field sets the way your items are normally shipped. You can change the method for individual customers and transactions.
• The When Saving Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders field lets you choose among several options that apply to quotes, invoices, and sales orders. You can choose to print each time you save, not to print when you save, or to be asked every time you save.
• The Next Quote Number, Next Order Number, and Next Invoice Number fields let you determine the numbers that will be assigned to the next quote, sales order, and invoice you produce. You may want to have the number start over at the beginning of your fiscal year, for example.
• The Default Payment Method field sets the payment method used by default when receiving money. You can change the payment method for individual receipts.


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