Setting More Customer Defaults

Setting More Customer Defaults (6476)

Defining Tax Rates
You use the Default Sales Tax Status field to specify which sales tax rate appears by default in new Customer Cards. You should set up the tax rates used in your area when you begin using Big Business. If tax rates change or you need to make other changes, you can edit the list.
The tax rate you set in the Preferences window affects the rate that appears by default in new Customer Cards. You can change the rate for individual customers.

Choosing the Default Price Level
You can use the Default Price Level field to choose the price level that is applied by default to new Customer Cards. You can change the price level for individual customers. The list of possible price levels reflects the price level names specified in the Item Preferences window.

Setting Customer Terms
The Default Customer Terms field determines what terms appear by default in new Customer Cards (and therefore apply to transactions with the customer). You can change the terms for individual customers.
You set the default by choosing from a QuickPop list. You can add or change terms by editing the list. See "Setting Customer Terms," earlier in this chapter, for detailed information about customer terms.


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