Viewing and Changing Category Information

Viewing and Changing Category Information (6462)

When you create an invoice, Big Business takes care of the bookkeeping details for you, using information specified in the relevant Customer and Item Cards and the Customer Preferences window. In most cases, you don't need to worry about these details because the software makes sure that the financial categories are balanced. But if you'd like to review or modify the bookkeeping information, you can click the Category tab in an Invoice window.

The Modifiable Categories list that you see when you click the Category tab includes the posting information that you can change for this invoice. Each line in the Modifiable Categories list includes the category code, category name, comments, and an amount. You can change amounts, replace or remove categories, and add new categories. However, the total of the postings cannot be changed because it reflects the invoice total. If you change an amount, Big Business adds a line to offset the change.

If you make a change that you want to reverse, you can click the Defaults button to restore default category postings to the invoice.

To view and change category information:
1. Click the Category tab.
2. Enter or change categories as necessary.