Entering Item Information

Entering Item Information (6440)

You enter item information by typing all or part of the item code or description into the appropriate column of the Line Items list. (The two description columns next to the Item Code column are named in the Item Preferences window. See "Setting Item Preferences" in Chapter 5 for instructions.) If you don't type enough characters to identify an item, you'll be prompted to choose from the Item List when you move to another column.
• The unit price and tax status are automatically filled in based on information in the Item Card. The price is determined by the price level assigned to the customer. The Item Card also determines which item-related financial categories are used for the invoice. You can change the unit price for this invoice. The tax status of an item can only be changed in the Item Card.
• After the basic item information is filled in, you enter a quantity. This quantity is automatically subtracted from the inventory of that item. The extended price is calculated based on the item price and the quantity you enter.
• The Comments field is optional. You can use it for short notes about the item.
• The Other Charges field near the Total field is also optional. The field's label depends on the setting in the Customer Preferences window. Amounts entered in the field are added to the total.

If you enter a bundle item, a line for the bundle itself appears along with lines for each of the items in the bundle. See "Working with Builds and Bundles" in Chapter 5 for more information.