Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts (6406)

Many operations in Big Business have keyboard shortcuts. The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts and the operations they perform. See the appropriate sections in this chapter for instructions about using the features.

Command-A Select all the text in a field.
Command-C Copy the selected text.
Command-D Duplicate the current window.
Command-E Create a note or edit the selected list item.
Command-F Search using the QuickSearch appropriate to the current window. Command-H Hide or redisplay the toolbar.
Command-L Open the QuickChoose list for this type of window.
Command-M Memorize this transaction.
Command-N Save and open New
Command-P Print the current window.
Command-R Recall a transaction.
Command-Q Quit Big Business.
Command-S Save (equivalent to clicking the button).
Command-T Switch to the next Toolbar
Command-V Paste the last text that was cut or copied.
Command-W Close the current window.
Command-X Cut the selected text.
Command-Z Undo the last text action.