My Desk Toolbar

My Desk Toolbar lets you customize a default toolbar for quick access to your most-used tools. (6401)

Unlike other toolbars, the My Desk toolbar isn't associated with a particular kind of information like customers, vendors, items, and so on. Rather, it is a way of letting you organize your work so that the features you use most often are easily available.

You determine which features are available through the My Desk toolbar. For example, if you are primarily engaged in entering transactions like invoices and bills, you can include the Bill and Invoice tools in the My Desk toolbar. With both tools in one place, you can access them without switching from the Customers to the Vendor toolbar.

The My Desk toolbar contains only the Preferences tool until you place other tools into it. After you have placed a tool into the MyDesk toolbar, Big Business displays it automatically when you sign in. (If you haven't placed any tools in the My Desk toolbar, the Customer toolbar is displayed when you sign in.)

You can add as many tools as you want to the My Desk toolbar. If you add more tools than will fit in the toolbar on your screen, you have to use the Tools menu to access them.