Sorting Lists

Sorting Lists (6399)

Items in some lists can be sorted based on the information in the different column headings. In the Item QuickChoose list, for example, entries are normally sorted by the entries in the Item Code column, but you can choose to sort by one of the other column headings. Entries are sorted into numerical and alphabetical order, with numerical entries appearing first.

You can tell if a list can be sorted by looking at the column headings. If one of the column headings is underlined, you know that you can change the sort order. The underlined column heading is the one that is currently used for sorting. You can reverse the sort order by clicking the Sort Order button ( <) in the upper-right corner of the list. The button changes orientation to show the sort order.

To sort a list:
• Click the column heading you want to use for sorting.
The column heading you click is underlined and the list is reordered.