Working with QuickChoose Lists

Working with QuickChoose Lists (6396)

A QuickChoose list displays all of the records of a particular type--all the Bank Cards, all the Vendor Cards, and so on. You see QuickChoose lists in three different contexts:
• When you click a tool for a card in the toolbar, you see a list where you select the card you want to open.
• When you click the QuickChoose action button in a card, you see a list for that type of card. You can use the list for reference or to open a different card.
• When you click a QuickChoose icon for a predefined field in a window, you see a list where you can choose the entry you want.

Depending on the type of card, the list window may contain more than one column. If it does, you can change the sort order using standard Big Business techniques. See "Sorting Lists," later in this chapter, for information.


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