Carrying Information Forward

Carrying Information Forward (6394)

To save time, Big Business allows you to carry information from some transaction windows into others. For example, you can carry information forward from a quote into an invoice or from a purchase order into a bill.

There are two ways of carrying information forward--converting and loading.
• Converting means changing information from one form into the next logical form. For example, you can convert a quote into an invoice. Converting is done by clicking a button in a preliminary window. The button varies in appearance depending on the destination--the button for converting to an invoice looks different from the button for a sales order.
• Loading means importing information from a preliminary form. For example, in a bill, you can load information from a purchase order whose number you specify. Loading is accomplished by entering the number of the transaction you want to use into a field in the window. This field is labeled appropriately--"From Quote Number" or "P.O. Number," for example. If you are unsure of the number, you can use QuickSearch to find the record and its number.

In either case, all of the information, including any modifications to default values, is carried forward into the new form. You can change it as needed before saving and printing.


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