Finding All Records

Finding All Records (6386)

You can use the QuickSearch dialog box to display all the records of a particular type. For example, if you use the Invoice search button, you can open a list of all the invoices stored in the system. See the next section, "Viewing Search Results," for information about the search results.

The QuickSearch dialog box contains an All button in addition to the Search button. When you first open the dialog box, before you enter any search criteria, the All button is highlighted. As a shortcut, you can press the Return key to find all the records. After you have entered search criteria, the highlight shifts to the Search button.

To find all records:
1. Click a QuickSearch button in the toolbar or a window.
The QuickSearch dialog box appears.
2. Clickthe buttoninthedialogbox.
A window containing a list of all the records appears.