Combining Search Criteria

Combining Search Criteria (6385)

You can combine search criteria to create very specific searches. For example, you may want to find all the customers in a particular state who have a certain characteristic.
Clicking the More Choices button in the QuickSearch dialog box opens additional rows of fields in which you can enter search criteria. You can open up to four additional rows of criteria. The search criteria you enter into each row are added to those in previous rows. Suppose your first set of criteria was "State is equal to CA" and a second set was "Customer Type is Retail." The search would find all of your retail customers in California.

To make a combined search:
1. Click a QuickSearch button in the toolbar or a window.
An empty list window appears along with a QuickSearch dialog box.
2. Enter the first set of search criteria.
3. ClicktheMoreChoicesbuttonintheQuickSearchdialogbox.
A new row of search criteria appears below the first row.
4. Enter search criteria into the new row.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each set of search criteria you want to enter.
6. ClicktheSearchbutton.
The results of the search appear in a list window. See "Viewing Search Results" for instructions.