To Search

To Search (6384)

When you enter the search criteria and click the Search button in the QuickSearch dialog box, Big Business displays the search results in a list window. If no matching records are found, the list is empty. See "Viewing Search Results," later in this chapter, for more information about using this window.

You can combine several sets of search criteria to create very specific searches. See the next section, "Combining Search Criteria," for instructions.

You can also use the search function to display a window containing all the records for that kind of search--all the Customer Cards or invoices, for example. See "Finding All Records," later in this chapter, for information.

To search:
1. Click a QuickSearch button in a toolbar or window.
An empty list window appears along with a QuickSearch dialog box.
2. Choose the Search Name and Search Type you want.
3. Enter or choose the value you want, then click the Search button.
The results of the search appear in a list window. See "Viewing Search Results" for instructions.