Search Name, Search Type, and Search Value

Search Name, Search Type, and Search Value (6383)

• The Search Name establishes the basis of the search. You can choose from a pull- down list of all the fields contained in the kind of record you?re searching for. The All Names choice means that all of the basic identifying fields will be considered in the search. For a Customer Card, these include the Customer Listing, Company Name, Customer Code, First Name, and Last Name fields. All Names for other windows uses comparable fields.

• The Search Type changes depending on which Search Name you choose. For example, if you choose a money-oriented name like Credit Limit, possible Search Types include "is greater than" or "is between." If you choose a text-oriented name like Company Name, possibilities include "begins with," "contains," and so on.

• The Search Value field changes depending on the Search Name and Search Type you choose. In some cases, it includes a pop-up list you can choose from. In other cases, it is simply a data field.