Entering Line Items

Entering Line Items (6371)

When you fill out invoices, bills, and other transaction windows in Big Business, you enter line item details much as you would on a paper form--by typing information into rows and columns. Big Business makes the job easier, however, by automatically filling in some information and letting you type ahead.

For example, when you are filling out an invoice, you can fill in almost all the information about a line item by typing just a few characters. If you type the first few characters of the item code or description, then press the Tab, Enter, or Return key, Big Business fills in the item code, description, and price. All you have to do is enter in the quantity.

Line item areas have and buttons in the upper-right corner. You use these buttons to add and delete items. In addition, there is often a Go To button that you can use to get more information about line items. See "Getting More Information About Line Items," later in this chapter, for more information.

Some columns in line item lists are gray to show that you don't enter information in them. These columns are filled in automatically, usually with data that is calculated by Big Business--extended prices, for example.


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