Entering Information in Predefined Fields

Entering Information in Predefined Fields (6366)

Predefined fields contain information that is restricted to a range of possible alternatives. These alternatives are stored in a list, which you can often edit. For example, when you choose the title for your primary contact in a Customer Card, you normally use one of the titles that has already been entered. If the correct title doesn't appear in the list, you can add it. See "Editing QuickPop Lists", later in this chapter.

You can recognize a predefined field by the presence of a QuickPop icon or QuickChoose icon next to the field. The QuickPop icon means that the alternatives you choose from appear in a list that works like a menu. The QuickChoose icon means that the alternatives appear in a separate dialog box.

When filling in a predefined field, you can choose from the list or type into the field. If you type into the field, you can save time by using the type-ahead feature. If your entry doesn't match a list item, a dialog box appears. You can choose or add an entry in the dialog box. See "Typing Ahead," earlier in this chapter, for more information.
See the following procedures for instructions about choosing from QuickPop lists or QuickChoose dialog boxes.


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